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Disadvantages of Satellite Communication

Disadvantages of Satellite Communication

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➨satellite has been built for a considerable length of time. Additionally, satellite outline and advancement requires higher cost. 
➨satellite once propelled, requires to be observed and controlled on general periods with the goal that it stays in the circle. 
➨Satellite has life which is around 12-15 years. Because of this reality, another dispatch should be arranged before it moves toward becoming un-operational. 
➨Redundant segments are utilized as a part of the system plan. This acquires more cost in the establishment. 
➨In the instance of LEO/MEO, expansive number of satellites are expected to cover sweep of earth. Additionally satellite perceivability from earth is for brief span which requires quick satellite to satellite handover. This makes framework extremely mind boggling.


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Advantages of Satellite communication

Taking after are the upsides of Satellite Communication: 

➨It is utilized for versatile and remote correspondence applications free of area.

➨It covers wide territory of the earth subsequently whole nation or area can be secured with only one satellite.

➨It gives more extensive transfer speed in view of SCPC or MCPC allotment sorts.

➨It exists together with earthbound microwave viewable pathway correspondence.

➨It is anything but difficult to introduce and deal with the ground station locales.

➨It does not bring about a significant part of the expenses per VSAT site.

➨It is utilized for voice, information, video and whatever other data transmission. Satellite framework can be interfaced with web foundation to acquire web access. It is additionally utilized for GPS applications in different cell phones for area assurance. Advantages of satellites are mentioned here

➨It is anything but difficult to acquire benefit from one single supplier and uniform administration is accessible.

➨It ha…

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